"Far Cry"

The Band
Joseph "Tulue" Egland Sr.

Far Cry - The Band

A "Far Cry" Above The Rest

The Band "Far Cry" 

Deep, soulful sounds resonate from any room where The Band, Far Cry, is performing!  This versatile band with deep roots in classic R&B and Jazz, consists of 7 very talented artists from different backgrounds.  Every sound, every movement and every word that sweeps across the room, as the band begins to play, engulfs the audience and takes them to another time and another place of pure bliss!   

The Band Far Cry was founded by Bass guitarist Joseph "Tulue" Egland, who has played with other bands, but always had a dream of starting his own.  Piece by piece and member by member, like an intricate puzzle being put together, did the group start to come together and transform into the solid sounding group they are today; Far Cry!  They are a Far Cry above the rest!

Far Cry 

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"Far Cry" a Jazz, R&B, Blues and Zydeco Band

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The Band "Far Cry"

"Tulue" Joseph Egland Sr.

Founder and Bass Guitarist

Music has always been in the life of Joseph "Tulue" Egland, from a young age, where his mother was a vocalist, singing with Motown Records and his dad, who bought him his very first set of congo drums.  Read more...

Maverick Neal "Big Mav"

Prducer/ Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician

Maverick Neal is a multi-talented professional who has worked in the music industry by either producing acts, playing guitar, keyboard, bass, and even singing as a background singer.  Read more about Big Mav....

Rob King Jr.

Keyboard/ Piano/ Organ

Robert C. King Jr. was born and raised in Port Arthur, TX. Living in Southeast TX, with Louisiana so close by, music has played a major role in his life.  Starting out as a young drummer in the Baptist Church, gospel music laid the foundation of his musical beginnings. He later transitioned to piano/keyboard/organ playing by ear and picking up chords and chops from other local musicians, friends, and family.

Trey Reynolds


Trey Reynolds began his venture with music in church at the very young age of four years old. He was raised in a musical home with both parents being pianists and vocalists.  

Chris "No Soul" Bessard


Chris is the newest member to Far Cry, joining the group in January of 2017.  Chris brings in a infectious energy to the group as a rapper and vocalist!

Larry Wayne Oliver Jr.

Saxaphone Player

Larry is one of the newest addtions to the group, bringing his special talent as a saxaphonist to enhance the sound of Far Cry.

Kiana Rose Robinson

Lead Vocalist

Born with the gift to sing, Kiana has spent her entire young life perfecting her gft.  Read more about native born Beaumont singer Kiana Rose Robinson...

Zach Gonzales


Currently playing with Country artist Tracy Byrd,  Zach Gonzales never passes up an opportunity to kick it up with Far Cry at a jam session or gig!.

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